This is a section that is most familiar with by every guest for it is here that direct facial contact occurred. Every word the Receptionist/Information Clerk said and action he/she took will be acknowledged by guest over the dest. Before anything, the receptionist must be presentable in terms of tidiness. His hair must be nicely combed, face and clean, uniform tidy. A first impression is very important, whether a guest will think high of the hotel will depend on whom he met and how he was treated upon check in by Receptionist.

As a good Receptionist, he/she should be:  confident



                                                                           know the product


General rules and regulations


- Should be reported on duty on time.

- No changes of the working schedule can be made without the permission of the Department Heads.

- Always check personal hygiene and be well-groomed in appearance.

- Read all notices which posted on the notice board.

- Read and follow up the log book.

- No personal call during working hours.

- Be polite and smiling under any circumstances.

- Never sit down in official rooms.

- Never lean against walls or furniture.

- Never scratch your hair or bite your fingernails.

- Never argue with your colleagues, supervisor, especially with customers.

- Never keep your hands in your pockets.

- Never use indecent language with anyone.

- Never stand in groups at counter.

- Avoid conversing with your neighbors, talk only when necessary.

-          Never take a drink with-in the sight of customers.


Guest greeting and welcoming


All guests arriving at your hotel have two basic needs. The first need is the service and accommodation you offer. You can satisfy this need by determining the type of service that the guest requires. The second basic need is that of recognition. You can satisfy this need by treating each guest as an individual and by making each guest feel welcome.



1. Recognize and acknowledge guest immediately upon their arrival at the Front Desk.

 - Make eye contact.

 - Smile at guests before they smile at you.

 - Assure guests that you will be with them in a moment if present job activities prevent you from formally greeting them. “Good morning, I’ll be with you in a moment.”

2. Greet guests warmly and sincerely to let them know you’re glad they’re arrived.

3. Note the guests’ response to the greeting to determine if they have a reservation or are walk-ins with no reservations.

4. Personalize all conversations with guests by addressing each guest by name, as soon as it is known.










FIT check in


- Greet the guest (by name for returned guest) upon arrival.

- Check the guest’s reservation against “today’s expected arrival list/the computer.

- Present the Registration Card together with the hotel pen to the guest forregistration. (pre-register for returned guest.)

- Go through the completed Registration Card to make sure every column is properly filled (to avoid query later on) and check the passport.

- Ask the form of payment he/she will be making.

- Get a right type of room which the guest request and mark down the room NO. on the R.C.

- Double check the room key for the right room NO.

- Inform the guest his/her room NO. (do not announce the room NO. while others are nearly, especially important for the security of female guests) Give a key card to the guest, explain the room rate to the guest.

- Explain the hotel facilities to the guest.

- Obtain the next destination from the guest, so that we can make a reservation for him/her in Holiday Inn hotel.

- Offer bell service to the guest and room showing.

- Thank the guest for selection our hotel and wish a pleasant stay.

- Time stamp the Registration Card and write down the room rate , NO. of pax, form of payment, clerk’s initial on it.

- Input the details into the computer.

(if we use manual system, make a folio and rack slip of each guest, checked by the Senior Receptionist.)

- Stamp on the front of the Registration Card.

- Mark down the room rate, NO. of pax on the floor sheet.

-          Pass copies of the Registration Card together with the reservation correspondence to the F.O. Cashier. (folio) One of copies should be kept for reporting to the Security Department the following morning. (if we use manual system also distribute the rack slip to department concerned.)


For the walk-in guest if rooms are available:

- Ask the guest what type of room does he/she want and how long if he/she going to stay.

- If the guest walk-in without any luggage or light luggage, ask them to pay the deposit in a polite way.

- Even the Credit Card has been imprinted, ask the walk-in guest to sign the imprint. (if possible)

- Other procedures will be same as a guest who is holding a reservation.

For the walk-in guest if no room is available:

- Inform the guest no rooms available politely.

- We can put the guest on the waiting list and ask him/her to double check with us later of the day.

- Assist the guest to make a reservation with other hotel.

- Apologize to the guest and wish him/her could stay with us next time.

- If a guest requests to stay longer than the period we can accommodate make sure the guest understand we only confirm up to the departure date promised by our reservations. Check with Reservations and advise the guest to check with us again or record in log book for future follow up.

- If a guest is paying the bill by Credit Card, obtain the credit Card from the guest and make an imprint of it, correspond the Credit Card and the R.C. signatures to verify if they match to each other and check the expiration date of the Credit Card then return the Credit Card to the guest by thanking him/her. Attached the imprint to Registration Card for cashiers to check the credit limit.

- If the guest’s bill is to be paid by other person, make sure the payer’s signature is shown on the guest’s folio/R.C.
















- If the guest’s bill is to be paid by a company, a confirmation letter from the company is required.

- If the payer is not our staying guest, get the approval from Duty Assistant Manager by initialing on the folio/R.C.

- If the guest is holding a valued coupon issued by a Travel Agent or has deposited, make sure the F.O. Cashier is informed by making a remark on the folio clearly. (prepaid amount and clerk’s initial.)

- If the guest checked in the room only for few hours, depends on the time, we may charge them half day. We will hold the room for guaranteed reservations under all circumstances, for those reservation without flight details, no arrival time, reservations will be released after 18:00 hours if situation is critical.


Group check in


- Designated a group sign to every group which will be arrived today.

- According to the Group Order and Rooming list (if we can receive before the group check in.) block rooms for each group in the morning of the date for arrival.

- If there is no ready rooms available, try to block checked out rooms and inform Housekeeping department to rush on those rooms.

- If there is any query regarding the group, check it with Sales & Group Co-ordiantor.

- Prepare the room key, key card, welcome letter meal coupon and put them in the key envelop.

- Type or write down the room the room NO. guest name on the envelope.

- Prepare enough Registration Cards for the group, mark down the group sign on the top of the R.C.

- Place the Group Order, envelop, R.C. together.

- Distribute one copy of the Rooming list to the Bell Service for luggage delivery.

- The shift leader should double check the keys according to the Rooming list when the room status shown”ready”.

- Inform the Group Co-ordinator upon the group arrival.

- Welcoming the group to the hotel.

- The Receptionist should double check with Tour Leader (if Group Coordinator is not available) on the room requirements, time and location of meals arrangement, and confirm the departure date, luggage collection time, morning call, flight NO. etc.

- A group VISA should be obtained from the Tour leader (if available) for reporting to the Security on the following morning.

- A simple briefing to the tour members on all the hotel facilities and function arrangement should be done by the Group Coordinator or Receptionist.

-Request every group member to register when necessary.

- Double check the Registration Card and write down the room NO. on it.

- Announce to guests the location of rooms, explain and distribute the envelopes to the group members and hope them enjoy their stay.

- Time stamp the R.C., mark down the “group member” on the back of the R.C.

- Inform the F &B outlets the time of meals respectively.

- Inform the Bell Service regarding the luggage collection time and departure time.

- Input all information’s into the computer.

- According to the billing instruction of the Group Order, separate the bill. There should be a master folio for the whole group and individual follies for every group member.

- Stamp on the front of the Registration Card.

- Mark down the room rate and NO. of pax on the floor sheet.

- Print the master list and rooming list (update rooming list)and distribute them to the departments concerned also the actual arrival list.

- Fill in a “meal card” by floor, and floor total. Staple together with rooming list, master list,, group order, then put it in the in house group order file for filing.

- If there is any changes for the group:

 a. Before the group arrival, should be done by Sales Office.

 b. During the group check in, should be done by the Group Coordinator.

 c. After the group checked in, should be done by the Receptionist.








VIP check in


- Make sure the special treatment granted by the top management is on the expected arrival list and daily in house activity list.

- Check VIP amenities order form for special arrangement and block room.

- Make sure the red carpet prepared (if required ) 30 minutes prior to guests arrival. (Assistant Manager will follow up)

- Pre-registered the VIP and place the R.C. in the room together with room key, key card by the Assistant Manager.

- Check the VIP rooms one hour prior to guest’s arrival. (make sure the special arrangement such as flowers, welcome cake, chocolate, etc. as well as the personalized stationary, Registration Card and room key, key card are readily placed in the room.)

- Keep close contact with the airport representative to confirm the exact arrival time and car NO.

- Call the room service for delivery of champagne (if required) 15 minutes prior to guest’s arrival of the hotel.

- Inform the General Manager or Resident Manager for the arrival of the guest.

- Inform the HKP DEPT. upon the VIP arrival to open the room door.

- Room maids should stand by outside the VIP room upon guest’s arrival. (if required)

- Assistant Manager /G.R.O. stands by at the main entrance.

- Greet the guest by name and escort the guest to room and explain the room facilities to the guest. Help the guest to fill out the R,.C. if there are two or more VIPs, the leaser or the most important person should be escorted.

- Collect the R.C. 10 minutes after the VIP entered the room.

- Courtesy calls should be made by AM/GRO.

- Receptionist should input the information into the computer and have Supervisor to double check.

- Stamp on the front of the R.C.

- Mark down the NO. of pax, room rate on the floor sheet.

- Distribute to F.O. Cashier with correspondence.

- Call the Operator immediately for the arrival of VIP. and repeat the name spelling.

- Receptionist and Information Clerk should remember the VIP’s room NO. name and recognize him/her.


FIT check out


- Night Receptionist should prepare a “ expected check out room list” for the following day.

- Day time Receptionist should know the NO. of rooms expected check out for today.

- Inform the bellboy the guest room NO. and check out time (if the guest request to take the luggage down to the lobby.) and also inform F.O. Cashier to prepare the bill for the guest.

- Make sure to get the key back of the check out room.

- Get the R.C. back from the F.O. Cashier for reporting to the Security the following morning.

- Correct our record. (floor sheet, check out the room in computer.

 a. Hotel check out time:12:00noon.

 b. Up to 18:00 hours: half day charge.

 c. After 18:00 hours :full day charge.

 For the half day charge, we’ll use the day rate sheet.



















Group check out


- Night Receptionist should prepare a “expected group check out list” for the follow day, and distributed to DEPT.concerned.

- Day time Receptionist should know the name of groups and NO. of rooms expected check out for today.

- Inform the bellboy if there is any special request of group member.

- Make sure to get the key back of the check out room.

- Get the R.C. back from the F.O. Cashier for reporting to the Security the follow morning.

- Get the group order out of the house group order file and put it in the check out group order file for filing.

- Make down the room NO. on the check out book and get the slips out from the room rack and Inforrnation rack.(manual system)and inform department concerned.

- Make sure the F.O. Cashier check out every single room in the computer

- Checked out group order should be filed and keep in store monthly

- Sometimes, we may have group members check out earlier. e.g. convention, etc. Remember adjust the master folio when there is any change, and also reproduce an update rooming list and master charge list which will be distributed to the department concerned.

- For Receptionist should be put the now meal card ,rooming list and master charge list on top of the old one which will be crossed out together for reference.


Late check out


- Make sure you know the check out time, half day charge and full day charge and full day charge.

- If it is not the peak season and the guest is staying until 3:00 pm. only and with the Supervisor’s or Assistant Manager’s approval, we may not charge any extra.

- Make sure you input the late check out time ,charges(agreed by guest) into the computer(special remarks) and also the name of the person who approve the late check out for the guest.

- If the original room is not available,(blocked for VIP) guest should be advised to move to another room.

- If it is impossible to let the guest stay beyond the normal check out time, we should advise the guest to keep the luggage in our Bell Counter unless the guest request to take a bath, then we try to find a dirty room for his to stay for a while if no ready room is available.

- According to the forecast, if we can not provide every single late check out, we can double up them, should be agreed by themselves first.

- After the guest checked out, should inform Housekeeping Department to make up the room right away.


Room blocking


- Check the “expected arrival list” first. (get the idea of Nos. and type of rooms)

- Block the VIP rooms suites first. Mark down the room NO. on the “expected arrival list” and registration Card.(if any)

- Block the special request rooms.

- Inform HKP. DEPT. to make up those rooms which blocked.

- For the early arrival guest, (according to the flight NO.) calculate how many rooms, and kind of rooms, inform HKP. EPT. to rush on those rooms.

- For the top production account guests, try to give them rooms as they want.

- For the return guest, we may block the same room which the guest stayed last time if the guest requests, upgrade them if possible.

- Better rooms should be assigned to first visit guests and full rate guests.

- For the guests traveling together, try to assign them on the same floor, same area, same type of rooms.

- For the shortage of rooms, we may upgrde or downgrade the guest, should get the approval from the Duty Manager/Assistant Manager.

- After blocking, we should submit the list to the Supervisor concerned for final approval.

- For an arrival group, try to block rooms on the same floor or nearest area if possible








Room & rate change


- Ask the guest category of rooms he/she prefer to move over.

- If the rooms are available, try best to fulfill as he /she wish. (make sure the new room is well prepared.)

- Advise the guest the new room NO. and rate.

- Acquire the guest if there is any valuable items which can be put in the Safe Deposit Box or with the Assistant Manager’s desk , or the Assistant Manager/Duty Manager supervise the room charge physically,(by bellboy)

- Reconfirm the room charge time.

- The GO and bellboy should present with new room key when room change with the presence of guests.(if the guest is not with permission given advance.)

- Make sure the old room key will be returned.

- If there is any join in we should change the room rate.

- If the room is occupied by two ax, one ax early check out we should change the room rate.

- Write a “room &rate change” form.

1. date

2. guest name

3. from former room No. to new room NO.

4. from old rate to new rate.

5. reason

6. clerk’s initial/approved by (Assistant Manager/Duty Manager)

7. F.O .Cashier’s initial.

- Inform the concerning department.

- Correct the information in the computer/floor sheet.(rack slip) (adjust the room NO. and rate.)

- For group should change the meal card and print an update master list and rooming list as well.

- Send the update master list and rooming list to department concerned.


Room discrepancy report


- There times a day.9:00am.3:00pm.9:00pm.

- If we need rooms to sell (no room available at that moment) we can prepare a “Room discrepancy report” to locate rooms.

- Print a “Room discrepancy report” from the computer if discrepancy exist.

- Three copies of the report.

a. date and time

b. room NO.

c. F.O. room status, HKP. room status.

d. name of receptionist.

- Together with the computer report sent to HKP.DEPT. to double check.    

a. write down the double check status.

b. HKP. cLerk’s name.

- Assistant Manager to investigate.

a. Write down the final status.

b. Assistant Manager’s name.

- Correct the status in the computer and floor sheet.

- Distribute copies to all concerning department.

1. Reception

2. Housekeeping

3. F.O.M













- When accommodation can’t be provided as required by the guest, consider the possibility of upgrade. Get the approval from your Supervisor or Assistant Manager/Duty Manager. Change the room the next day if we have rooms unless he/she agrees to pay the difference.

- For upgrading, need to explain to the guest that this facilities is offered this time only without any extra charges.

- When accommodation can not be provided as requested by the guest, explain politely to the guest and downgrade him. The downgrade guest should be re-assigned a room as required the next day or as early as possible.

- For the upgrade and downgrade, try best to select guests who will stay with us at a shortest period.

 Under what kind of circumstance:

 for upgrade:  1. No. appropriate category of rooms provide to the confirmed reservations.

2. Per-management’s instruction.

for downgrade: 1. No. appropriate category of rooms provide to the confirmed reservations.


Shortage of rooms


- Block the VIP rooms, suite and top production account first.

- Book rooms at other contracted hotels, you must get the name of the person who confirms the booking (don’t forget to release the rooms if deemed unnecessary.)

- We may upgrade or downgrade the guest, should get the approval from you Supervisor/Assistant Manager/Duty Manager.

- Don’t give extension to the in-house departing guest.

- Double up or triple up the guests should be agreed by the themselves in advance.

- Cut down the NO. of rooms for group. Agreed by Sales department and tour leader first.


Extension of stay


- If it’s a low season, obtain the approval from the Supervisor/shift leader then offer the extension stay to the guest.

- If it’s a peak season, do not commit a tonce but mark down on the “extension of stay form” first, let the guest to check back with us at around 12:00 noon, ask the Supervisor to see whether we can extend or not.(depend on room situation of the next few days.)

- If the guest requests to extend the stay in the evening, mark it down first, let the next shift staff to follow up by checking with the Supervisor.

- If we can extend the stay of the guest, make sure to change the departure date in the computer.

- If we can’t extent the stay of guest, should inform the guest immediately.

- If we made a reservation for the guest in other hotel, inform the guest which hotel, what kind of room, how many nights, room rate, etc.

- Hope the guest stay in our hotel next trip.





















Departure notice


- Contact the guest one night before of their departure to see if the guest check out next day and the

 departure time.

- Use the “departure notice” write down the room No. and guest name, put it in the key box, turn off the message light.

- On peak season , no room is available on the next few days, we may charge the next few days, we may ask the box, turn to the departure notice to the guest room.

- If the guest requests for a limousine, get the departing time, write it down and send it to the bell service or transportation they will manage it.

- If the guest request to extend their stay , try your best to extend it.

- If the guest requests to keep the room beyond the check out time, we may charge the guest half day more. 

- If the guest calls down to Reception Desk requesting for luggage collection, should inform the bell service immediately then inform the F.O. Cashier as well to prepare the bill.

- Farewell the guest by saying: Have a nice trip and hope to see you again.


Key control


- For the check out guest, make sure get the key back and put it in the right key box.

- When the guest requests to get the key, make sure the name and the room NO. are all correct, check it against the computer, by using the words: May I have your name and your room NO. please. Sir/Madam.

- Never speak out before the guest says and wait until the guest speak out.

- When the guest leave the key at the Information Counter, put it in the right key box immediately by using  the words: Thank you, Sir/Madam. have a nice day.

- When a guest requests for the key which is occupied by other person, should get the authorization of this room’s guest first.

 1.signed his name on the authorization form.

 2.the guest’s name.

 3.the I.D. Card NO.

 Use block letters and put it in the key box.

- Check the guest I.D Card against the authorization form.

- Overnight staff should check the key box daily, make the key inventory control report to see if there is any missing key and send it to the F.O.M. next morning.

- When the staff take the spare key out from spare key lock, mark down the reason on the spare key log book.

- For the missing and broken keys, prepare a report and get the approval from the F.O.M. first (f. o. m. SIGN ON THE KEY REQUISITION FORM)

- Then pass it to the departments concerned such as HKP. DEPT. A/C DEPT. ENG.DEPT. etc. for their reference.























Handling room reservation


- Check the room status first

- If we have rooms available accept it

- If we don’t have room available, put the reservation on the waiting list (if guest agreed) and ask the guest to double check with us or we inform him/her later on

- Use the standard Reservation Form. mark down the following items

1.the guest name

2.arrival date/departure time

3.flight NO. arrival and departure time types rate

6.special remarks

7.reserved by. (name of the person, company’s name, telephone NO.), clerk’s name

- Repeat the reservation to the guest Make sure every point is clearly printed on

- If no room is available, suggest and try to make a reservation in other hotel for the guest

- After taking the reservation, pass the Reservation Form to Reservation Department


Courtesy call

make the call. The dialogue will be as follows:


One “Service signal” is called the courtesy call. This is a brief telephone call to guests after check in to determine if everything is satisfactory with the guest’s accommodation. This must be handled by the Assistant Manager on duty or the Guest Relation Officer for all the guests under the Category of full rate, VIPS and other programs on the same line, it should not include such as Cathy Pacific and also will not include all crews and groups. But depending on individual hotels, and the NO. of arrivals, the more guests that are called the greater the benefit will be. The call will be made for all guests checking in during the day up to 9:00 pm. The call has to be made between 10and 15minutes after check in and any calls not made by then should be cancelled. The procedure will be after a guest checks in and leaves the Reception Desk to go to the lift, the Receptionist who checked in that guest will hand a slip to the Assistant Manager with the guest’s name on and type of booking, if the Assistant Manager is not there, the shift Supervisor on duty or the Guest Relation Officer will 

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Mr.×××. this is ×××, the Assistant Manager on duty, I am calling to make sure everything is satisfactory with your room and to see if there is anything else you need. Would you like to leave a wake up call for tomorrow morning (this is only be asked if the guest checked in after 6:00 pm.) Please have a pleasant stay and if there is anything you need during your visit, please do not hesitate to call me or the Duty Executive on extension ×××. Thank you very much Mr. ×××. have a nice day.


There must be a report form where by the Assistant Manager or the Reception shift Supervisor will fill in the reply details and reaction details of the guest concerned. Each property is encouraged to implement the courtesy call program, Holiday Inn hotel guests must experience good service in addition to our facilities if we are to maintain our leadership in the hotel industry, the courtesy call program provides a tool to help make this happen.

















Incoming telex


- Time stamp on the top of the telex

- Sort of incoming telex

- Mark down the incoming telex on the log book

For the guest: house guest

a .double check the room number and name, put the telex in the envelope, type or write down the room number, guest name on the envelope and telex copy.

b.. keep it at the Information Counter together with the log book

c. Write a notice for guest and place it in the key box.

d. Turn on the message light.

e. If the guest call down to the Information Desk to ask for it, tell the guest that there is an incoming telex for him/her, ask the bellboy to send it up to the guest room if requested. The guest must sign on the log book.

f. If the guest comes to the counter to get the room key, give the telex to him/her and ask him/her to sign the name on the log book.

g. Turn off the message light when the guest receive the telex.

h. For urgent telex, if the guest is in the room, send it up right away, if not give it to AM to follow up.

2.Guest with reservation

a. Check the arrival date and name.

b. Put the telex copy in the envelop, mark down the guest name, arrival date and reservation number on both the telex copy and envelope.

c. make a special remarks in the computer , keep it at the Information Counter put it in the “hold for arrival” file by date.

d. check it daily in the evening.

e. for today’s reservation, staple the incoming telex to the back of the reservation from give it to the guest upon the guest check in.

f. ask the guest to sign on the log book.

3. Guest without reservation.

a. check today’s expected arrival list.

b. put it in the “hold for arrival” file in alphabetical order.

c. Check it daily in the evening.

d. Hold the unclaimed telex for 3days then reply to the sender. Such as:Re your telex to Mr. ×××, we have no trace of his/her booking regards. Holiday Inn Yangtze Chong Qing.”

4. Check out guest inform the sender the guest checked out already.


For hotel staff:

1. ask the bellboy to send the incoming telex to the department concerned during the office hours.

2. The office staff should sign the name on the log book.

3. After office hours. we’ll give tit to AM to follow up if it’s an urgent telex, others we’ll send over the next morning.        


















Outgoing telex


- The standard outgoing telex form should be used. (use block letters)

- Request the guest to sign the “Telex Debit Voucher”.

- Inform the guest the telex charges.

- Double check the guest room number, name against the computer.

- For the non in-house guest, ask him to pay the deposit in advance at the Front Office Cashier.

- Double check the telex draft, make sure you can read it clearly, especially the telex content. (words spelling)

- Time stamp the telex form and sign the name on it.

- Pass it to the Telex Operator.

- For the hotel staff, ask him/her if it’s own account or house account and fill in the voucher. (for house account should signed by the authorized person /department head)

- For the house account and staff own account telex don’t add the service charge on it.

- After the Telex Operator sent out the telex, one copy should be given to the guest by putting in the key box and record down on the “outgoing telex log book”, turn on the message light.

- For the check out guest, keep the outgoing telex copy in the “check out guest telex file” in alphabetical order for one month then destroy.

-          The Telex Operator will pass the “outgoing telex control sheet” to the F.O. Cashier at the end of the day, together with the telex draft and the “Telex Debit Voucher.” The F.O. Cashier will debit the charge on his/her account.


Incoming mail


One of the many service offered by the hotel is the handling of guest mail. Carefull attention must be given to the security and prompt delivery of guest mail.

Mail can be received by the hotel for: 1. Registered guest.

2. Guest who are expected arrivals.

3. Guests who do not have reservation.

4. Check out guest.

5. Hotel staff.

For the cable (telegrams), parcel (package), register letters we should sign the name on the postman’s book and check it


We accept the cable, parcel, register letters only:

1. In house guest.

2. Guest with reservation.

3. Made prior arrangements for the hotel to accept the cable or parcel.

4. There is a note on the cable or parcel to hold it for the guest arrival.

5. Guest with forwarding address.

If we can’t find above information, ask the postman to get the cable, register letters, parcel back immediately.

For the cable, we should ask the bellboy to send it up to the guest/staff right away.

We should sort of incoming mail first.

For in-house guest:

1. Time stamp the mail.

2. double check the room NO. guest name against the computer.

3. Mark down on the log book. (date, room NO.  guest name, kind of mail, received time, clerk’s signature, guest’s signature remarks, etc)

4. For parcel, cable, register letter, leave a note, put the note in the key box, hold the cable and register letter, parcel at Information Counter, turn on the message light.

5. Put the letters, post-cards in the key box, turn on the message light.

6. Present or deliver mail when the guest calls for it, for parcel, register letter ask the guest to sign the name on the log

book, turn off the message light.









Guest who are expected arrivals.(guest with reservation):

1.time stamp it. Guests who are expected arrivals.(guest with reservation):

2.check the mail against the computer.

3.mark down on the mail “hold for arrival, Reservation NO. arrival date.”

4.mark down on the log book .(made a note where we put it on the log book.)

5.put it in “hold for arrival mail file” by date.

6.make a special remarks in the computer.

7.check the mail daily.(in the evening.)

8.for today’s reservation, staple the electors(post card) with the Reservation Form, present the mail to guest upon arrival, for parcel register letter, ask the guest to sign the name on the log book.


Guests who do not have reservations (walk in guests):

1.time stamp the mail.

2.check the mail against the computer.

3.mark down on the log book.(make a note where we put it.)

4.mark down “hold for arrival” on the mail.

5.put it in the “hold for arrival mail file” in alphabetical order.

6.check the mail against the computer and expected arrival list daily.

7.present the mail to guest upon arrival.

8.check the mail against the “forwarding address file,” for the forward mail, mark down on the “mail forwarding log book” for further reference.

9.if the mail is unclaimed within 14days,wrethe down “not at the hotel” on the mail and initial it send the mail back to the post office.


For check out guest:

1.time stamp the mail.

2.check the mail against the computer, mark down on the log book.

3.check the mail against the “forwarding address file,” for forward mail, mark down on the “mail forwarding log book” for further reference.

4.if no forwarding address (unclaimed), hold for 14 days, send back to the post office.


Before off duty, the afternoon shift should clear the key box, ask the Bellboy to send the mail up to the guest room, (letters, post-cards) turn off the message lights, others should wait and ask the guest to sign the name on the log book.


For hotel staff:

1.time stamp the mail.

2.mark down on the log book.

3.ask the bellboy to send the mail to concerning department. For parcel register letter ask the signature on the log book.

4.for those we do not know the department ask the Bellboy to send to Personnel Department.




















Mail forwarding


It is the hotel’s responsibility to forward mail to guests after they have checked out. This service must be performed promptly to ensure that the mail will reach the guest as quickly as possible.


1.When a guest requests to have mail forwarded after departure, complete a Mail Forwarding Card by recording the following information:

a. the date of departure .

b. the guest’s room number .

c. the guest’s name.

d. the forwarding address (current until a special date )

e. a second forwarding address (current after the date specified)

f. the guest’s permanet address.

2.file the card in the mail forwarding file.

3.check incoming mail against

4. forward guest mail to the current address for the date specified.

Mail must be forwarded for those guests who left a forwarding address when no forwarding address is receded when no forwarding address is receded, and no reservation is on file the mail is held for 14 days and then return to the sender.

5. mark on the back of the Mail Forwarding Card the date and number of pieces for each type of mail forwarded. (letters, post-cards, telegrams and parcels)

6.record the forwarding information in the mail forward log book:

 a. the date that you forwarded the mail.

b. the name of the party to whom the mail was forwarded.

c. the forwarding address.

d. any remarks, if necessary.


Providing information to guests

- The Information Clerk should know all the hotel facilities.

- Should know the hotel key staff: name, department, telephone NO. room NO.

- Should know the special “function” for the day.

- Other hotels information.

- Should know the local travel agencies.

- Should know some local information such as : hospitals, foreign affair offices, public security bureau, tourist, ect.

If you can not provide what the guest asks for, try to find it out or ask your Supervisor to help and make sure you give the guest right information.


Message taking (through the telephone, counter message):

When we take a message, should use the standard message form and block letters, message must be treated as confidential.

- Answer the phone in polite way.

- Double check the guest name, room number

for kinds of guest status:

1.registered guests (in-house guest)

2.guests with reservations.

3.guest without reservation.(walk-in guest)

4.check out guest

- Ask the caller’s name, telephone number.

- Mark down those items:

the guest name, room number. (if he/she is an in-house guest)

caller’s name, telephone number.(ask the spelling if necessary)

date, time, clerk’s initial

- Ask the message.

- Repeat the message to the caller, also the caller’s name & telephone number. 







- Inform the caller we’ll pass the message to the guest and thank the caller for calling and wish a pleasant day.

- Place the copy in the key box and turn on the message light.

one copy in the key box.

one copy will send to the guest room.

one copy for file.

- Make sure to turn off the message light when the guest receive the message.


Registered guest(in-house guest):

Procedure as above.


Guest with reservations:

1.check the guest arrival date, inform the caller and mark down the arrival date, Reservation NO. on the message form.

2.Put a special remark in the computer.

3.Place it in “hold for arrival mail file’ by date and keep at Information Desk.

4.Check it daily in the evening.

5.Present it to the guest upon the guest arrival, for today’s reservation staple the message to the back of the Reservation


other procedure as above.


Guest without reservation(walk-in guest):

1.        Inform the caller that the guest has no reservation with the hotel and we’ll keep it for 5 days then destroy.

2.        Place the message in the “(hold for arrival file) alphabetically by the guest’s name at the Information Counter.

3.        Keep it for 5 days, should inform the caller by telephone then destroy.


check out guests:

1.        check the guest name and inform the caller that the guest check out already.

2.        Do not release to the caller with forwarding information unless you were specifically asked to do so by the guest.


Sale of postage stamp

- Postage stamps will be sold at the Information Counter.

- A flow of RMB--- is provided to purchase stamps.

- Before selling stamps to the guest, the weight will be checked on the mail scale and correct amount has to be advised to the guest.

- The flow will be passed over each shift, checked and restart by the next shift staff.

- Should prepare a “sale of postage stamp report” at the end of each shift.

- Make sure sufficient supply is available at all times.

- For the offering guests FEC. Is accepted only.






















Relationship with other departments

Assistant Manager:

1.keep the valuable belongings when requested.

2 handle complains.

3.upgrade or downgrade reservations. discrepancy checking.

5.VIP. room-check and check in. change whilst the guest is not in the room. & rate change for the guest, ask the Assistant Manager to sign on the form.

8.check rooms.

9.late check outs

10.courtesy calls.


Bell Service: change.

3.check ins(luggage)

4.check outs(luggage)5.

Operator: change.(change record)

2.VIP arrival.(name, room number)

3.wake up calls (inform the operator when received wake up calls requests).



1.telexes (the Telex Operators are Reservations) reservations, sell room according to the forecast which was prepared by Reservations.



1.make up rooms for early check in guests and late check out rooms. discrepancy’s check. changes.

4.check rooms.

5.special requirement.

6.the general caeaning.


Accounts: & rate change. deposit.

3.accommodation voucher rate charge.

5.check in

6.night report.



1.any queries regarding groups. check in .(to CO-ordinate with the Group Co-ordinator)

3.assign rooms. inspection by familiarization groups.


Also the ENG.DEPT.F & B DEPT. Security. Etc.









Night Report

- Release all reservation after or at 12:00 pm.

  - Finish the “Night Report” before 6:00am. And distribute to the department concerned.

- Before we start the “Night Report”, we should prepare some forms:

1. Complimentary room list.

2. Vacant room list.

3. Out of order room list.

4. House use room list.

5. Actual arrival list.

6. Actual departure list.

7. Walk-in guest list.

8. Extension room list.

9. Early departure room list. etc.

Room Sales recapitulation Report:

1. date of report.

2. day of report.

3. total NO. of Trans. room on the floor on the date.

4. total NO. of COMPLE. room on the floor on the date.

5. total NO. of VAC. room on the floor on the date.

6. total NO. of OOO. room on the floor on the date.

7. total NO. of HSE. use room on the floor on the date.

8. total NO. of all the room on the floor. 

9. total room revenue on the floor on the date.

10. total NO. of the Trans. guest on the floor on the date.

11. total NO. of the compel. guest on the floor on the date.

12. total NO. of all the guest on the floor on the date.

13. total NO. of Trans. room in the hotel on the date.

14. total NO. of COMPLE.. room in the hotel on the date.

15. total NO. of VAC room in the hotel on the date.

16. total NO. of OOO. room in the hotel on the date.

17. total NO. of HSE. use. room in the hotel on the date.

18. total NO. of all the. room in the hotel on the date.

19. total room revenue in the hotel on the date.

20. total NO. of Trans. guest in the hotel on the date.

21. total NO. of COMPL. guest in the hotel on the date.

22. total NO. of all the. guest in the hotel on the date.

23. total amount of day rare on the date.

24. total room revenue on the date.

25. total room revenue up to the date in the period.

26. total room revenue up to the date in the year.

27. persentage of occupancy on the date.

28. persentage of double occupancy on the date.

29. average rate per room on the date.

30. average rate per person on the date.

31. signature of night room clerk.

32. signature of duty Asst. Manager.

33. distribution.














07:30 – Take over job duty from overnight shift staff. And go through the reception log book.

     - Take over stamps key from overnight shift. Check stamps record if any mistake on it.

     - Make sure all the bills were paid if have any early departure group.

08:00 – Check last night report, make sure all the night report are distributed in correct way.

     - Up-dated all the forms at reception counter.

     - Check today’s expected arrival list if any VIP will arrival. Pre-register due to have VIP arrive

     - Type a new vacant room list from computer.

08:30 – Block rooms for the group, make sure all the room NO. cross out on vacant room list, prepare all group keys and put it in key envelop in correct way. Prepare meal coupons for group if they have meal here. Also block rooms for FIT, pay attention on special request.

- Inform HSKP DEPT room NO. which are blocked for FIT & Group, also should have a report on which are sign their signature.

09:00 -Double check with AM Desk, if any reservation of airport pick up .

- Do today’s first discrepancy report.

09:30 – First time clear key box, make sure all messages for yesterday are distributed, except anything for guest who out of town.

10:00 – Double check VIP Amenities Order with AM, make sure it been sent to concerning DEPT.

10:30 – If any FIT or Group early check in, informed HSKP or Sales DEPT. Then key-in computer by normal steps. Double check will be taken step by step by supervisor after check-in.

11:00 – Assign staff go for lunch one by one, not allowed 2 staffs together go for lunch.

11:30 – Check today’s expected departure list, any extension just change it in the computer. Be careful manner should be courtesy and friendliness. If any late C/O just let them do., then explain to guest our hotel late C/O procedures. Extension till 18:00 charge day rate. Extension over 18:00 charge full rate. but this policy an be flexible in using.

12:00 – Check files, forms and stationary, whether it’s tidy and clean or not.

      - Check store of counter, if any form and stationary need prepare.

12:30 – Doing check out for due out guest, make sure bills are collected.

13:00 – Second time clear key box, if any urgent message or fax, send to guest immediately.

14:00 – Print today actual arrival and departure breakdown list to check make sure computer are correctly key-in by receptionist.

15:00 – Do today’s second room discrepancy report. and ask AM to check.

15:30- Shift Hanover.




























15:30 – Take over job duty from morning shift staff and stamps keys.

- Go through reception log book.

- Go through night report and today’s forecast.

- Go through reservation form for expected arrival today, check if the room are ready.

- Up-date vacant room list on the counter. Make sure cross out all blocked room.

16:00- Check late arrival group’s correspondence, make sure correct key in correct envelope.

16:30- If any FIT or Group check in, follow up every step:

inform HSKP & Sales, key-in computer, Double check step by shift leader after check in.

17:00- Assign staff go for dinner one by one, not allowed 2 staffs together go for dinner.

18:00- Clear key box, if any urgent message of fax, send to guests immediately.

- Make sure today’s due out guest are all confirmed, and clean or not.

19:00- Check files, forms and stationary, whether it’s tidy and clean or not.

20:00- Check today’s expected arrival and departure, make sure all departures had been checked out.

21:00- Check today’s last room discrepancy report.

22:00- Print today’s actual arrival and departure breakdown list to check, make sure computer are key in correct way.

- ear key box, make sure all the messages, letters or in-coming fax should be send to guest room by bell boy.

23:00- Check today’s check-out guest if the rooms are all settled by cashier.

- Check today’s group if the confirmed morning call, luggage collection time and B’fast time.

- Check today’s arrival guest’s R/C, make sure all details in the computer are correct.

- Check expected arrival for tomorrow, block rooms for early arrival if any arrival groups, put key in the key envelope then prepare meal coupon for them if they have meal here.

23:30- Take over job duty and stamps key to night shift staff and tell him or her any events happened in the day time.




23:30- Take over job duty and stamps key from afternoon shift staff, go through reception log book.

-          Check expected arrival guest, make sure all guests were key-in in the computer.

24:00- Check today’s room status, if any on show reservation. Released it in the computer.

-          Check today’s arrival R/C, make sure computer is correct.

-          See room & and rate change form file, double check if any events happened.

-          See out of order list file, double check if any events happened.

-          See day rate sheet file, double check if any events happened.

01:00- Up-date all the forms for tomorrow.

02:00- Type room sales recapitulation report.

-          Type VIP Amenities Order for tomorrow if any early arrival VIP.

03:00- Print night report from computer.

04:00- Copy night report.

-          Distribute night report to bell boys.

05:00- Finish Residence Record.

06:00- If any early arrival group, check in them with Asst.manager.

07:00- To assist F/O Cashier for grip check out, make sure all bills should be paid.

07:30- Take over jod duty and stamps to motioning shift staff.

    - Good Morning , My friends!














Reception Shift Leader Check List:


Morning shift Leader:

1.        Room Assignment

2.        Open Tele.line

3.        Issue the massage

4.        Discrepancy

5.        Check GRP. & FIT RM key

6.        Check guest list

7.        Double check your and your staff’s work

8.        Training your new staff


Afternoon Shift Leader:

1.        Double check VL

2.        Open all Tele.line

3.        Discrepancy

4.        Issue the massage


6.        Issue GRP Meal Arrangement

7.        Double check your amid your staff’s work

8.        Do VL Report pass to Mr. Taylor He



Reception and Information

-          Good morning/afternoon/evening, Reception/ Information, ---speaking. May I help you?

-          Good morning/afternoon/evening, sir/madam. Welcome to Holiday Inn Yangtze ChongQing/our hotel,

How may I help you?

-          Have you made a reservation in our hotel?

-          May I help have your name please? How do you spell that?

-          Would you please spell it for me?

-          One moment please, Mr. ---. Will you please register?

-          Would you please fill in the registration form?

-          Kindly sign your name on this card please.

-          Here is the pen. Mr.---.

-          May I look at your passport for a moment, please. Mr.---.

-          The daily rate for the room is FEC---plus 10%surcharge, altogether the rate is ---per room per night.

-          To express your check out, may I have your credit card to have an imprint please, Mr.

-          Thank you, here is your credit card and you will only need to sign your name when you check out.

-          Mr. ---, we have a lovely room for you on the floor, room no. ---facing the pool/river. I am sure you will find everything to your satisfaction.

-          By the way, may I know where your next destination is so that we can forward your reservation to the Holiday Inn there?

-          Here is your “welcome Booklet” where you will only find a lot of useful information.

-          Mr.---, my colleague will take care of your luggage and show you up to the room.

-          You may leave/drop your room key at the Information desk when you go out and pick it up / collect it afterwards.

-          ---, here is the key to room---, Take Mr.--- up to the room, please.

-          If you need anything, please call us anytime and we will be glad to be of service, I hope you enjoy your stay in our hotel.











Reception and Information (Continue)

- My name is---, Please call me anytime and I’ll be glad to be of service. Enjoy your stay with us.

- What type of room would you prefer?

- How long are you going to stay with us?

- Let me check if we have a room available.

- I am sorry, sir/madam. We can accommodate you for ------, nights only at this moment, but we Eli put you on our top priority waiting list for the rest of dates and keep you informed.

- May I know if you are paying in cash or by credit card?

- Will you settle your bill by traveler’s cheque?

- It is our hotel policy that we need a deposit in advance. Mr.------. Would you mind going to the Cashier counter please.

- One moment please, I’ll see if he is registered.

- You may call him on the house phone. It’s over there behind the pillar.

- Could you wait a few minutes? I’ll have the bellman page him.

- I’m sorry, I didn’t make it clear.

- Would you mind going/stepping over to the ------desk at the end of the counter?

- We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.

- Certainly, you may leave a message.

- One moment please. Sorry to keep you waiting. Go ahead please.

- Would you mind repeating that please.

- I am afraid there is no message for you at the moment.

- May I know how long you would like to extend your stay in our hotel?

- May I be of assistance?

- Are you being served?

- I’ll send/have somebody to attend to you in a minute.

- I am sorry I don’t understand, I’ll get my super for you right away.

- Mr.-----, for your protection, this is the only key available.

- I will make sure that the other clerks are informed of your new location and that all message or calls will be forwarded to you.